Safer Sexting – A resilience-focused sexting lesson plan through #lessonhack

This #LessonHack resulted in a resilience-focused lesson plan designed to help educators teach about sexting.

As educators, we frequently confront “sexting” with a policy of “no”, which is to say that we teach young people “to not do it”. This is an ideal, for we know well of the ills that come through the deeply fraught nature of youth exploitation and the dramatic negative impacts of cyberbullying, meme-making and, to be forthright, illegal and morally repugnant behaviors associated with sexual exploitation online.

We also know that despite our best efforts, young people continue to sext.

This lesson, then, is designed to provide young people (at risk through their sexting behavior) with digital literacies and personal practices they can apply to (1) mitigate negative impacts of the sexting they do and (2) engage in ‘safer sexting’ by applying related digital literacies. It is not intended to condone sexting.

#LessonHack: Safer Sexting Lesson Plan

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