Glean Digital Literacy Tools provide educators, instructors and learners with a variety of tools for teaching literacies that arise from the human – computer interface. That is to say that to make effective use of digital things, people are required to gain and grow a variety of competencies, skills and abilities. This human knowledge is categorized, typically, as a literacy and, in the digital space, literacies are loosely defined by areas of information, data, network, security, privacy, and media.

The Glean Digital Literacy Tools initiative is designed to curate or create the best of the best, and the most timely of the most timely. Its resources include instructional guides, curriculum structures, lesson plans and techniques, and source code. Many of the works have been produced by Dave Crusoe through the former Public Learning Media Laboratory and moderator of this effort.

However, the aspiration is to develop Glean into a crowd-sourced #LessonHack collective to ensure educators can access timely, high-quality and accurate instructional materials that grant-funded or commercial organizations may not have the time, resources or direction to develop.

All Glean Digital Literacy Tools are proudly licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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